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CASA Volunteer American Red Cross Volunteer, Certified Disaster Spiritual Care Specialist


1505 S Main St.

Fort Scott










Services Provided

CASA is an advocate program for children who have been or who are being abused or neglected. We represent them in the Court system and advocate for their well being by doing home visits etc. that the lawyers do not have time to do. American Red Cross provides many services for the public in many different areas. We provide blood drives, swim instructions, assistance for the military and their families, assistance for families who have suffered loss from fire, tornado, hurrican and other natural disaster. We set up temporary shelters for families misplaced during these natural disaters and provide meals, lodging, health, mental and spiritual care if needed as well as financial assistance to get them necessities for immediate care.

Hours of Operation

Whenever needed. Need to be present for court dates for CASA In Red Cross dispatch calls for fires to see if you are available. Also if you want to deploy to a bigger disaster, you can put your name on a list to be called. You will be gone for 2 weeks but the Red Cross foots the airfare and meals to have you volunteer


CASA has training program given by the Director, Christa Horn, here in Fort Scott, KS. There is also a background check given. American Red Cross has extensive classes given depending on which area you would like to consentrate your volunteer hours. There are also required classes that have to be taken by volunteers as well. Plus there is also a background check that is given.

Additional Information

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